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Welcome, Claudia Cinelli, Newest Quatro Sales Rep in Italy - Quatro Gymnastics UK

Welcome, Claudia Cinelli, Newest Quatro Sales Rep in Italy

SWANSEA, UK – Quatro Gymnastics, is one of the leading gymnastics performance apparel companies based in the UK with corporate offices in the US and Europe and is proud to announce an increase in presence in Italy. We are so excited to have Claudia Cinelli join us to help accomplish the goals we have in Europe.

Claudia Cincelli

Claudia has a strong background in gymnastics, customer service, and product knowledge. She has a passion for meeting goals and has an eye for quality products that are fashion-forward and is eager to contribute to our Sale Team goals.

Below is a Q&A with Claudia:

What sports have you done?

“I have always and only done gymnastics. It started with needing to be active and something close for my mom to take me to. My passion for the sport ended up growing into something amazing!”

How did you first become aware of Quatro Gymnastics?

“Quatro happened by chance, when, last year, a gymnastics partner of mine proposed to me to buy a leotard, the same model, but to each its own color. After that when it arrived, I looked at it and saw that the quality/price ratio was really great so I thought I should look more at this brand. By chance at the end of summer looking at LinkedIn I saw that Quatro was looking for representatives (not in Italy), but I decided to write anyway and from there my collaboration started.”

What is your goal whilst working alongside Quatro Gymnastics?

“The first is definitely to make Quatro known and implant it in our Boot, people need to know that it exists. After that you can think of making the gymnasts understand what the potential of the brand is: the comfort first to wear a leotard and not feel it on. Finally, being able to count on someone who shares the same principles.”

Who are your gymnastics idols?

“Over time I have always had two gymnasts: the American Nastia Liukin, complete on all apparatus, delicate, but powerful. Focused on always looking ahead. Growing up, I focused on Aliya Mustafina's Russia, highly focused and not easily distracted, but so able to involve you in every movement.”

What are you looking forward to with the upcoming Olympics?

“I am always in doubt between two different things: the completeness of a gymnast on all the apparatus and the specialist who always amazes you because that tool is impeccable. I expect gymnastics, that always looks to the future where the difficulties are, always mixed with the cornerstones of the discipline such as precision, choreography, rhythm, synchrony with music, agility, etc. I can't wait to be surprised, like every time I watch gymnastics.”

“I’m Claudia and I’m in the gymnastics world since I was a little child. My passion grew with me, and I recognized that the idea that gymnastics will be more than a “simple sport” for me. This opportunity with Quatro is the first in leotard brands that I have the chance to work alongside and one that I want to bring myself completely into the gymnastics sector. Italian gymnasts want more than the possibility of today and the big choice of Quatro gymnastics is the right new at the right moment.”

Please join us in giving Claudia a warm welcome as she embarks on this exciting journey with us. We believe that she will make a great addition to our team and help us continue to achieve new heights.

Claudia Cinelli can be reached at Claudia is Quatro Italy’s newest sales rep that is ready and eager to help you see your team apparel reach new heights. We are so pleased to have Claudia join us.

About Quatro Gymnastics: Quatro is one of the fastest growing gymnastics apparel brands in the world and is known for innovative styling and quality products. Quatro has grown over the past 12 years to be trusted by many gymnastics' federations including British Gymnastics, Gymnastics Ireland, Scottish Gymnastics, South Africa, Gymnastics Jamaica, Philippines National Team, Welsh Gymnastics, and Slovenia National Team. Quatro has been the prominent brand for thousands of gymnastics accounts across 100 countries, because they are known for creating and delivering the perfect competition apparel. Based in the UK, with corporate offices in the USA and Europe, Quatro continues to expand into new countries.

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