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Unbelievable Records at the World Gymnastics Championships – Antwerp, Belgium - Quatro Gymnastics UK

Unbelievable Records at the World Gymnastics Championships – Antwerp, Belgium

The best of the best has come to Antwerp, Belgium to showcase new skills, update their personal bests, and compete for a spot at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Quatro Gymnastics has the pleasure to be in Belgium promoting our leotards and watching history write itself. Join us in a recap! 

Men’s Gymnastics 

Hashimoto Daiki has taken the title of best in men’s gymnastics, securing another World All-Around title on Thursday evening. Ukraine’s Illia Kovtun grabbed silver in the All-Around title, and United States Fred Richards took home bronze. 2022 bronze world champion on rings, Quatro’s own men’s gymnastics ambassador, Courtney Tulloch, had a spectacular run at the World Gymnastics Championships, helping Great Britain place fourth as a team on Wednesday evening.  

Women’s Gymnastics 

Quatro Gymnastics was excited to see many of their own brand Ambassadors competing. We have Kaia Tanskanen representing Finland. Ondine Achampong, Alice Kinsella, Ruby Evans, Georgia-Mae Fenton representing Great Britain, Camille Rasmussen representing Denmark, Marine Boyer and Aline Friess representing France and countries Switzerland and South Africa.  

The skills showcased by the women’s gymnastics teams have broken records and had new skills named after athletes. We saw the introduction of the Biles II, internationally, which is a Yurchenko double pike vault. Simone Biles is also now tied as the most decorated gymnast in history with 33 medals between Worlds and Olympic medals.  

China was solidly in second place, before Brazil and France took competition by storm. Brazil took silver on vault, making it the first Worlds’ team medal. France outlasted China and won bronze on beam, making it France’s first Worlds’ team medal in 75 years. In the all-around USA finished first, Brazil second, France third, China fourth, Italy fifth, Great Britain sixth, Netherland seventh and Japan eighth.  

How to Qualify for Paris 2024 

We have to take a step back and look at the 2022 World Championships in England. The top 6 gymnastics teams qualified for a spot to the Olympics – China, Japan, Great Britain for the men, and the United States, Great Britain, and Canada for the women. At the 2023 World Champions in Antwerp, the top 9 countries in both men's and women's have an opportunity to attend as a full team to Paris.  

As for individual competitions – the top 3 ranking countries at 2023 Worlds who did not previously qualify will receive 1 individual spot for their nation. The top 8 men and 14 women will advance to the Olympics based on their standings in Antwerp. Individuals that have qualified with a team are exempt. Then, we move to the apparatus finals, where 6 men and 4 women have the chance to qualify for a chance at Paris.   

Post 2023 World Championships, there are opportunities for specialists – 12 men and 8 women via the 2024 Apparatus series in Cairo, Cottbus, Doha, and Baku. The highest ranking 2 athletes on each event are guaranteed a spot, as long as they’re not already qualified. There are 2 additional paths. One being at the 2024 Continental Championships where 5 men and 5 women slots are available and Universality Place quota, where 1 man and 1 woman will be selected by the Tripartite Commission of the IOC.  


With the days leading up to finals nearing for women’s gymnastics, we will see who is best in the world and will start to see the shaping of which athletes may be making their mark in Paris 2024. 

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