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Quatro Welcomes Customer Service Manager Vicky Lauer to the Team - Quatro Gymnastics UK

Quatro Welcomes Customer Service Manager Vicky Lauer to the Team

Quatro is excited to announce that Vicky Lauer will be stepping into the role of Customer Service Manager in the United States. Vicky has many years of experience in the Customer Service Industry, most recently serving as the Customer Service Manager for a leading gymnastics apparel company. In addition to having experience as a Customer Service Manager, Vicky is also a master seamstress and has experience working as a Sales Manager in the gymnastics apparel industry. Vicky's experience with customer service, sales, and sewing construction will be a massive benefit to our company as we continue to grow in the United States. 
Please enjoy getting to know a little bit more about Vicky in the interview below.
An Interview with Vicky Lauer

How did you get involved in the gymnastics industry? Were you a gymnast growing up?

  •  I was not a trained gymnast growing up, however, I was a big tomboy always swinging from trees and doing flips and cartwheels through our yard. My dad built me a set of bars when I was about 10 years old. I must have done thousands of back hip circles on that bar!
  •  I have a lengthy career in Customer Service in the apparel industry. I also have a lengthy background in the apparel manufacturing industry. In my previous position as Customer Service Manager with a leading gymnastic apparel company, I used the skills I learned to provide top notch customer service and to build trusted relationships with our customers.


What is your role at Quatro?
  •  I am so excited to be joining Quatro as their Customer Service Manager here in the US.


How do you envision Quatro growing in the next few years?

  • I am looking forward to introducing the Quatro brand to not only many new gyms, but to colleges as well. The growth potential here in the US is limitless. 


What’s the most significant decision you’ve made this past year?
  •   Covid has had a devastating impact on many people and businesses. After my previous employer closed, I decided to take a position that was very different than my previous positions. I became the General Manager for a Hilton property. This is where I met Kelly Mckeown and Margie Morace, both of whom worked for Quatro. Meeting them and seeing the Quatro leotards they were working with made me miss my former career so much! As luck would have it, Quatro was looking to fill the position of a Customer Service Manager, and now here I am....getting ready to embark on a career path that I know I will love! I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and equally excited about  the growth potential for Quatro!


Tell me about a time you set a challenging goal for yourself and how you accomplished it.
  • In 1996, the apparel company that I was working for closed their doors and I was given an opportunity to be retrained in another field or go to college and earn a degree in the field of my choosing. I chose to attend Penn State University and earn my Associates Degree in Business Administration. Being a non-traditional student in a sea of younger students was not easy. Working full time, being a wife and mother while being a full time college student was tough, but did it! I earned my Associates in a year and a half,  and although It was challenging, I never felt prouder than the day I walked across that stage to get my diploma.


What project is your most significant career accomplishment?
  •  I have been blessed to have such an accomplished career in Customer Service, but my proudest moments have been seeing the growth of those that I have managed along the way. I was fortunate enough to build a compassionate Customer Service Team who truly cared about their customers. It was important to me that every team member I managed was not just another voice on the other end of the phone. I taught them that genuine compassion, caring and empathy are things that every Customer Service Representative must possess in order to be successful. They were an amazing team, and I could not have been prouder of them all.


 What is your dream for the company’s future?
  • My dream for the company would be to see significant growth of the Quatro brand in the US. I look forward to being a part of that growth! 


Outside hobbies and interests?
  • I have been a competitive 3D target archer for many years. I have learned that you win some and you lose some, but you never give up! 


Favorite book and why?
  • I have never really been a bookworm. I am more a movie kind of girl. My top 5 all time favorites:

             - Gone With The Wind

             - Notting Hill

             - P.S. I Love You

             - Step Brothers

             - Sixteen Candles


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?
  • Just a side note. I have one amazing daughter, Holly and two equally amazing grand babies Mady 14 years and Logan 12 years. I also have a 2 1/2 year old Corgi named Abby...she is my angel!
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