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Trinity Thomas, Beam, and Present-Moment Awareness   - Quatro Gymnastics UK

Trinity Thomas, Beam, and Present-Moment Awareness  

By Lisa Mitzel, President, Zen Tiger Mind 

In stunning NCAA gymnastics, Trinity Thomas has been one, so exquisite, we can’t keep our eyes off of her. Trinity has been perfect on every event, earning a gym-slam,” and capturing 28 perfect 10s in her career, the highest in NCAA history. Balance beam has been one of her steadiest with 6 perfect 10.0s. Whaaat? How does she do it? Well, her success is deeply rooted in mental training called present-moment awareness. A calm, methodical focus that comes from years of practice and desire.   

When Trinity performs, there is no effort, only flow. She is nothing short of a master. Each kick, jump, and point have an exact spot in the air. Every leg is locked. Her style is slick, smooth and playful. Her flawless series, a one-arm back-handspring-layout on beam, will blow you away.  

After thousands of hours of physical training, what it comes down to is one thing: her mind. She desires concentration, fully absorbed in present-moment awareness. In other words, she is in a state of mental immersion in every move.  

Can you teach this to kids? Yes. It’s not just for the elite gymnasts. It’s a mental checklist or a clock ticking that feels rhythmic and familiar. You can teach kids that it starts with a choice. Say Shhhh” to distractions, I’m going to concentrate for one minute.” Focusing is a cool thing. Make it fun and intriguing for kids to hold their attention on one thing at a time.  

Let’s look at Trinity’s layout series as a checklist she memorized in her mind and body, and imagine. Imagine an inner feeling of exactness that also feels like home. (Read 3x at a slow pace.) 

Breathe out, sit, brush arms down, swing arms up – push through legs, jump up and back, split legs, see beam – place right hand on beam, step down right, left, sit – jump up and back, stretch in layout, split legs, spot beam – rotate to feet, land right, left, stick.  

It’s breathing one breath at a time. There is no thought of a past or future breath. Only what’s happening now. It’s a rhythm and it feels good! 

Being in the present-moment is a skill Trinity has trained. It’s also a life skill, a mental health practice, to be clear and calm in your mind, not rushing, not trying hard or tensing up. Being in the present moment is cozy, soothing, and it shapes our ability to focus.  

 In my book, Focused and On Fire, I describe this… 

“…in any situation it is you and only you who decides what you think about. …you can notice air filling up your lungs, and the air going out of your body… Notice how your chest and abdomen rise on the inhale…then sink and fall slowly on the exhale. Become aware of your body calm in the present moment. This awareness will increase a peaceful, confident feeling inside…and your ability to perform.”  

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