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Quatro launches in Dubai - Quatro Gymnastics UK

Quatro launches in Dubai

Quatro Gymnastics, the leading provider of high-quality gymnastics apparel and equipment, is excited to announce its expansion into the vibrant city of Dubai. This strategic move allows gymnasts and athletic enthusiasts in Dubai to access Quatro's renowned products and experience the brand's commitment to excellence.

Quatro Gymnastics has built a strong reputation globally for its innovative designs, superior quality, and dedication to supporting athletes at all levels. With the expansion into Dubai, the company aims to serve the growing gymnastics community in the region, offering them access to the latest advancements in gymnastics apparel and equipment.

"Our entry into the Dubai market marks an exciting milestone for Quatro Gymnastics," said Joanna Vazquez, founder & CEO. "We are thrilled to bring our passion for gymnastics and our world-class products to Dubai. Our goal is to inspire athletes, enhance their performance, and contribute to the new growth of this sport in this dynamic city."

In partnership with Onesports, Quatro can be found at the Palm Jumeirah - Golden Mile 3 and the The Dubai Mall - 2nd floor (near Aquarium).

“Onesports are happy to introduce and represent Quatro leotards to the UAE market. We always strive to offer our customers quality, comfortable and yet stylish pieces that will bring joy at trainings and make them stand out at competitions. Quatro leotards meet these criteria perfectly.

Onesports is all about quality ,value and variety and partnering with Quatro gymnastics helps us achieve our vision and drive our business further. 
Since Dubai market is fairly young in the world of gymnastics, it is growing rapidly and becoming one of the most favourite sports for the young generation living in the UAE. We can see a bright future for our partnership with offering what they dynamic Dubai market needs, Nigina, Director Onesports)

The expansion into Dubai also brings Quatro's exceptional customer service and commitment to client satisfaction to the local gymnastics community. The brand's knowledgeable team is ready to assist athletes, coaches, and parents in finding the perfect products, offering personalized recommendations, and ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

About Quatro Gymnastics: Quatro Gymnastics is a renowned provider of high-quality gymnastics apparel and equipment, serving athletes worldwide. With a focus on innovation, quality, and style, Quatro Gymnastics aims to empower gymnasts to achieve their best performance while looking and feeling their best. The company offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of athletes at all levels.

For more information about Quatro Gymnastics and its products, visit
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