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Your Mental Health Matters to Your Parents & Coaches - Quatro Gymnastics UK

Your Mental Health Matters to Your Parents & Coaches

Seeking guidance from a coach is a typical step for a gymnast facing challenges such as nailing a landing or perfecting a balance beam routine. However, the obstacle of maintaining a positive mental headspace in gymnastics can be a sensitive conversation to have, despite being the most important skill to master as a gymnast. Your mental wellbeing is important and deserves to be spoken about. At Quatro, we believe your mental health matters as much, or more, than your medals. Let’s talk about the importance of keeping your coaches and parents in the know about your mental health. 


Maintaining balance and positive mental health can be a fight itself from the pressure of being an athlete, one you do not have to battle on your own. Opening up to your coaches about mental blocks you may be facing allows your coaches to gain a better understanding of where you are mentally and releases some of the pressure you may be feeling. Without speaking up, your coaches may not be aware of struggles you are facing and cannot provide the support you need to succeed. Coaches have access to numerous resources and can be an ear to listen. As your biggest supporters, your coaches and parents are there to advocate for you in any way possible, including your mental health. 


Your coaches have more than likely been through some of the same mental roadblocks you are facing as a gymnast. As someone who can relate to some of the difficulties you may be facing, coaches can offer advice and guidance on how they themselves have pushed through rough times. A positive coach-athlete relationship is important in any sport, especially an individual sport like gymnastics. You are never alone in your journey as a gymnast and your coaches are there to help. 


As a gymnast, you are always competing to achieve your next goal. By not communicating your mental health needs to a coach, you could hold yourself back from reaching your greatest potential. Mental health could be your biggest competitor, and just like any other competition, your parents and coaches are there to back you up. Don’t let your mindset take the joy of the sport from you!

Every gymnast faces mental hurdles within their career. Your mental health is key to your progress and deserves to be made a focus in your gym experience. Feel confident in knowing you are bettering yourself as a gymnast by prioritizing your own mental health. At Quatro Gymnastics, we are here to support you in starting this conversation. Your coaches and parents are there to guide you in any struggle you face as a gymnast, on or off the competition floor.

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